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Yep, we met online. to be exact.  Ricky was in New Mexico and I was in good ol' Minnesota. We were engaged exactly one month after dating and married just one year from that. Since 2013 we've been best friends, sidekicks, and partners in the biz. We have 4 beautiful children, lived in North Minneapolis for 11 years and now in Elk River, and love meeting new people. We love babies, Jesus, documentaries, basketball, being at the beach, DIY projects, wine and getting out in nature. 

While my main focus is photography, Ricky is the videographer for the team.  We love being able to offer both stills and motion pictures to families and couples. We are lifetime photographers/videographers - we pride ourselves at excelling in capturing all aspects of life.  While many photographers focus on one aspect of life, we aim to be the team that is there to capture pre-natal, birth, milestones, graduation and marriage - a full circle of life. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of a couple's marriage to later then celebrate with them the birth of a little one. With over 10 years of experience, we are confident that you'll not only have a good time during your session, but you'll fall in love with our work.



Cheers, darling! 

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